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Safety Dogs for AutisticChildren


Safety_Dog.jpgEveryone has at one time or another passed a seeing eye dog for used to assist a person with a vision impairment. These dogs are not only great companions, but they are also used for protection as well as to guide someone through their daily activities. Recently, with the increasingly popular autism cases popping up for millions of children each year, experts have found that certain dogs can greatly improve the function of autistic children much like one would for a person that is blind.

Autism is a disorder that makes social atmospheres very challenging for children to focus on any tasks at hand throughout the day. The child may have trouble sleeping, eating, getting dressed, playing with other children and even sitting in a classroom all day long. These children are somewhat loners in that they prefer to be alone simply due to their lack of social awareness and level of being comfortable in large crowds. Once you are diagnosed with a form of autism, the person must live with it forever. There are certain therapies that can aide an autistic person to make progress and do things more independently, with one method being to obtain a safety dog to help the autistic person get through the day.


The dogs can provide comfort, a stronger level of awareness for the child’s surroundings and most importantly, protection for these children. Many autistic children do not look at certain situations as dangerous or harmful that are, and with the help of a safety dog they can be protected when they cannot provide that for themselves. Not only can the dog help the child cross the street, but they can also provide an opening for more social interaction that is to always be encouraged for autistic kids. When other children see the dog, they automatically want to engage with it, making an opening for an introduction for the autistic child to make a friend which is a huge accomplishment. The dogs can also prevent any behavior that the child can inflict upon themselves that could potentially harm them. Using scissors, water that is too hot, climbing on things they are not supposed to and many other situations autistic children would find themselves getting into. They can also provide warmth for the child by laying with them and allowing the child to pet the animal to engage in a loving relationship when the child may need it the most.


Naturally, because these safety dogs for autistic children are so well versed in many skills, they are not exactly inexpensive. Some trained dogs can cost well over ten thousand dollars to own. There are laws to help families in need seek such professional canines, but you must jump through a few hoops to get one. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a safety dog for your child, it is then permitted by law to travel with the child on any public transportation such as airplanes, buses and trains. To locate a dog such as this, research on the web any safety dogs for autistic children and you will instantly have access to specific breeds of dogs that are perfect for these types of situations.



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