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Foods to Keep Away From YourDog



dog eating chocolateThere are a few foods that we just inherently know to keep away from our pups as they’re naturally bad for them (everyone knows about chocolate), but we have this image of dogs as being capable of eating anything else we give them. I mean, we see them eat all sort of filthy things and they seem fine, so some common foods couldn’t be harmful, right? Turns out, that’s not the case at all. Here are some foods to keep away from your dog.


There’s just something funny sounding about getting a pooch sloppy drunk. Cartoons and movies make the gag every so often, but in the real world, dogs can’t handle their liquor very well at all. In fact, their tolerance is so low that hardly any at all can destroy your dog’s liver, or at the very least make them unbelievably sick. Don’t give them a playful lap of wine, otherwise you’re asking for trouble.


As with alcohol, dogs are hit by the effects of caffeine far faster than humans, except once their hearts start racing there isn’t a thing you can do to reverse it. Their heart could quite literally suffer a massive heart attack, so keep your dog away from coffee, tea, and soda, otherwise you could be dealing with a fatal situation with no cure. They’re better off with chocolate since at least they can have their stomach pumped.


Oddly enough, while dogs seem to love milk, they’re not really good about digesting it. Letting your dog drink large quantities of milk can cause diarrhea or general illness, plus it can bring about itching in many cases. It seems that just too many dogs are allergic to dairy products, so best to keep them off the menu as best you can.


Here’s one you probably never considered, but dogs can’t handle avocados, or more specifically a chemical called persin, which happens to be rather prevalent in avocado trees, leaves, and fruits. Too much for a dog can be fatal, so just keep them away from it.

Onions and Garlic

Dogs have bad enough breath without adding something like onions or garlic, but giving them some of either in any form can have devastating consequences for your dog’s immune system. Onions and garlic destroy red blood cells, leading to anemia, which can cause all sorts of problems. Be especially wary of foods with onion powder in them as it can be in a lot of unexpected places, like baby formula.


Everyone thinks that dogs and bones just naturally go together, and the ones you find in the store make for great dog treats as they’re made specifically for your dog’s consumption, but after cooking a turkey, handing your dog a leg bone is incredibly dangerous. The reason is that cooked bones will splinter as they’re chewed, meaning your dog could be half way through a bone and then start choking as it’s lodged in their throat. Stick to bones from pet stores.

Raw Meat and Eggs

We also like to imagine dogs as wolves, tearing into a freshly-killed hunt. Sure, wolves can do that, but your dog is no wolf. They’re a domestic pet and as such, they aren’t going to be able to handle the usual bacteria like salmonella or ecoli. Don’t give them raw meat or raw eggs, otherwise they could indeed become very sick in the same way that humans can.

Peaches, Persimmons, and Plums

The theme here is fruits with pits that cause inflammation of the small intestines. There’s also the possibility of the pits becoming lodged in the throat or in the intestines, and of course the pits of peaches and plums contain the poison cyanide, which we as humans don’t have to worry about as we don’t eat the pits anyway. Your dog, on the other hand, will not know to beware.


You probably won’t encounter this very often, but if you’re making bread and have lumps of yeast dough, don’t feed them to your dog. It’s quite simple really: yeast rises in warm places. You feed your dog a ball of yeast and they’re likely to deal with that lump expanding in their stomach. Things get worse if the yeast ferments, meaning not only with your dog deal with abdominal pain, but they’ll get hit with alcohol poisoning as well.


Man, dogs are sounding more and more sensitive to foods, aren’t they? Salty foods can cause your dog to need more water and more frequent potty breaks, which is obvious, but it can also lead to sodium ion poisoning, which leads to vomiting, diarrhea, depression, seizures, and even death. No more French fries for the pooch!

Macadamia Nuts

Seeing as how expensive macadamia nuts are anyway, there’s not a high chance you’ll be just tossing them to your dog willy-nilly, but be aware that as few as six nuts can have very unfortunate consequences for your dog, such as seizures or paralysis of the hind quarters. Just keep those nuts to yourself!

Grapes and Raisins

What aren’t dogs allergic to?! Grapes and their dried cousins the raisin seem to have an entirely unexplained effect on dogs in the form of kidney failure. Yup, give your dog some grapes and their kidneys could shut down. That healthy little snack you have at lunch could very well kill your dog.

Anything with Xylitol

There’s a high chance that even without realizing it, you have something in your house containing xylitol. It sweetens things such as candy, gum, or toothpaste, and if your dog ingests it their body will start pumping out insulin like crazy. This could very well result in liver failure, so keep your dog out of your toothpaste and sugarfree gum.

Remember, just because your dog has been trying to eat everything doesn’t mean you should feed them everything. Be careful with what your dog eats!


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