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Pros and Cons for Neutering or Spaying YourDog



Spay_Dog.jpgThe decision on whether or not to neuter or spay your dog can be a tough one. Many feel they may result in breeding their dogs later down the line, and for this reason some are stuck in a tricky predicament to go through with the process or not. If you feel you may never have the desire to breed your pup, then going through with it does have certain advantages such as improved behaviors and a better chance of having puppies that you cannot properly care for. There is nothing more saddening than the thousands of dogs and puppies that result in a lifetime sentence of adoption streaks and in and out of shelters.


For the female dogs, spaying will require surgery. Generally the vet will see to it that the dog is spayed before their first birthday and hopefully before they have reached their first cycle of heat as a puppy which is usually after they are six months old. Spaying your dog can even prevent them obtaining certain forms of cancer such as breast cancer, ovarian and uterine as well.  The obvious great thing about spaying your dog means they cannot get pregnant and have additional pups, but it also eliminates the risk of the dog obtaining any illnesses from being pregnant or suffering from any accidents during the labor and delivery process either. Some dogs can destroy carpeting when they are in heat as well, making another valid point to have them spayed. Also, when a female dog resides in the home, you have many visitors as in male stray dogs seeking their companionship. When they are spayed, this all goes away quickly. This way your female dog can feel free to roam around outside and not be in fear of becoming pregnant.


Neutering your dog is a process that is done by the vet as well, where they will completely remove the testicles. Much like the female spaying process, this should be done when the dog is just a puppy and in doing so, the dog can mature with much better behavior than one that is not neutered. Neutering the dog will just like spaying one, keep the pet population down significantly. The male dog will also decrease their chances of developing any type of prostate cancer as well as testicular cancer. His demeanor will also be much calmer once he is neutered. The risks of your male dog roaming the streets looking for a mating partner will vanish, which is great if you often have to travel the neighborhood in search for your dog. Some people fear that once they neuter their dog the dog will not have as much energy and this is not the case in all animals. It would be as if you are trying to categorize all humans in some way, which is just not possible as no two people are the same, no two dogs are the same either. Keep your dog active, fit and walk them regularly and this will not become an issue. You be happy you decided to spay or neuter your dog!


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