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Most Popular Dog and Puppy Names of2011



happiest dogAnother year has come and gone, and with that another top 10 batch of dog names has appeared! Have you been curious what the most popular dog names were for the year 2011? There may be some surprises, or you may just be surprised how little things change. Either way, it’s worth your time to take a look and find out what you may, or more likely may not, want to name your new pooch this year.



Something about the name Max justresonates with male pets. It may surprise you to know, but the top male cat name for 2011 was also Max, apparentlya strong, succinct name fit for a friendly doggie. With dogs it seems the stronger the better, so Rocky, Bear, andDuke are contenders yet again for the top spot, but you’ve also got your friendly and safe pal names such asCharlie, Jack, Cooper, and Duke. Bentley, well, that may just be the fanciest name you’ll find on thislist.

What’s really interesting is how noneof these names are really from obvious pop culture references. No Scooby, no Old Dan. Not even any popularcharacters like Batman (Bruce) or Iron Man (Tony). And for that matter, neither Edward nor Jacob. The top malenames may not be inspired, but at the very least they’re not worthy of a facepalm.



While male dog names tend to bestronger and more like a buddy, female dog names fall into the same stylings as the female cat names and rely onsofter, more reliable names, such as Daisy, Molly, Lola, Chloe, Sophie, Sadie, Maggie, and Lucy. Bailey is a niceone, as you don’t tend to hear that as much, but Bella at the top may in fact be that Twilight reference we werehoping to avoid as much as possible
Perhaps more than the male names, the female names have a shocking lack of pop culture references, or even justclassic dog names like Shadow, Spot, Lassie, or Lady. More than anything, these feel like names you give to goldenretrievers over most others. Is originality really dead when it comes to pet names?


It doesn’t have to be a wasteland ofclichés and dull names. There are still plenty of great literature references to be made in dog names, such asFrodo or Gandalf for your adventurous pooch, Yossarian for your active doggie, or Ignatius for your lazy mutt.Plus, nothing adds a bit of fun like attaching Sir to your dog’s name. Sir Buster gives him a bit of an edge overplain old Buster, or better yet, Sir Buster McWiggleston. Going a bit further gives personality over thestandards.

When you go out and adopt your newpooch this year, what will you be naming them? Will you go with something out of the ordinary, or will it besomething safe and obvious? Whatever the case, make sure you’re happy with the name! You can’t start changing itlater down the line!


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