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Where You Should Look to Find Your Puppy



cute puppiesWhen you are in the market for a furry little friend to welcome into your home, do not rush into the buying process! Many times people are so excited about getting their first puppy and raising exactly as they wish that they neglect to see the warning signs that the puppy they may be buying is not a great choice.

Not all puppy vendors are worthy of your dog purchase. Sure, any dog deserves a great, safe home to grow up inside, but what if you buy a puppy with a slew of issues you had no idea you would encounter? This happens quite a bit and many puppy mills are to blame for this. Some people feel as if any old person can successfully breed puppies and sell them to make a living out of it. This is simply not the case as many people are not going through all of the breeding steps accurately. They may not be feeding the dogs properly or giving them their immunizations at the right time and even some mills breed the dogs in a very untraditional method. Not all dogs should be bred together to make puppies, just as not all humans are greatly compatible with one another to make a family.

Stick to a breeder that you have done some research on. Ask your friends, colleagues and family members where they have obtained their dogs or if they know of any places that are reputable to get one. Always look for a breeder that can provide you with a certification of authenticity to have your dog properly registered. Many puppy mills and even pet stores do not provide this and that may be your very first sign that something is simply not right through that breeding organization. You should also feel comfortable when you arrive to the puppy breeding surroundings. Is it clean there? Do they allow you to view the puppy when they are in their normal habitat with their mother and other siblings? If they do not, then chances are you need to look elsewhere for your puppy as this may not be the ideal situation for a healthy pup.

Some people may be in a hurry looking for a puppy, they may be seeking one for a gift such as a birthday gift for their child. Even though you may find yourself in a hurry to find your new addition to the family, still take the time to find one that is healthy and one that has been given the best treatment to provide you with a dog for life. Do not be limited to buying your puppy through a pet store or a mill, look on the web and ask around if anyone you know has a set of puppies or knows of a dog that is a bit older and in need of great new home. Even though some families feel they may want a puppy for a certain training advantage and to have the dog grow along with the family, keep in mind there are currently thousands of dogs in the world that are in need of wonderful, loving family to take them in.

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