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Popular Dog Breeds forPets


Popular_Dog_Breeds.jpgIf you are in the market for becoming the newest proud owner and friend of a dog, you may discover that there are hundreds of breeds that exist. The following is a list of the most popular breeds in America that have excellent pet potential.   


Labrador Retriever: This breed is very popular among families since they tend to be very child friendly. They vary in their coat color and their coats are very easy to care for since their hair is short. These dogs need a significant amount of exercise, so they are perfect for an individual or a family with a very active lifestyle. They tend to be very easy to train and can even be trained as hunting dogs. 


Beagle:  When you think of this breed, the first word that can come to mind is lovable.  They want to be loved and they also get along well with people and other animals. You may hear people refer to this breed as the lazy man’s best friend, but they actually need a decent amount of exercise and walking to prevent them from becoming overweight.  Their small stature allows them to be easily transported and kept within your home. 


German Shepherd;  This breed is known for their protective instincts and personality.  They have the potential to make a great family pet as well as a watch dog. In order to prepare this breed for a family setting, you will need to socialize the dog often and consistently. Once this breed connects with you and your family, you will have a loyal friend for life as they are very caring animals that will protect their owners without fear.    They are so intelligent that this is the breed that is often chosen to be trained as police dogs. 


Yorkshire Terrier;  This breed may be small, but will not go unnoticed. They tend to be petite in size, which makes them easy to carry and have in the home. As small as they may be, they are able to produce high-pitched barking sounds upon the sight of any strangers in your home. While many view this dog as high maintenance because of their stylish stature, they do not require a significant amount of exercise and can be found spending a lot of their time investigating their surroundings. 


Golden Retriever;  Named for their striking golden coat, this breed makes an excellent family pet due to its kind, happy, and trustworthy nature. This breed is very steady-tempered and intelligent, making them able to take directions receptive to training. They do require exercise and the person that takes them out for walks should be strong, as they are large in stature. Even after they grow out of the puppy stage, they tend to remain vibrant and eager for a number of years, so training them to be calm must be incorporated from the beginning. 


While any of these breeds may make a great house pet, it is up to you to make the decision on what level of commitment you are able to give to the dog. By understanding your needs, as well as the needs of your new dog, you will be able to develop a successful and lasting relationship.  



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