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Top 5 Healthiest Dog Foods 



natural balance foodOwning a healthy dog is a great pleasure in life, but it will take some effort on your part.  This is an easy task if you have the right elements in place and great meals for your pet. You will need to look at the cost, type of food you wish to purchase, and what breed of dog you own before making the best decision. To begin selecting some key components, review the top 5 healthiest dog foods before you head to the store.

#1 Natural Balance:

This company has combined two excellent features, a low price and a great product.  They provide lots of meat choices that are in the form of a meal combined with side choices such as rice or oatmeal.  They have a unique formula for creating their line, using grains as a useful form of carbohydrates.  They also have a great reputation for not containing any artificial ingredients such as preservatives or other additives that may be found in most other dog food lines.

#2  Orijen Dog Food:

This is a excellent choice for those that wish to provide a food choice that is grain free.  They carry a line that is suitable for puppies, and full grown dogs as well as cats.   The company recently recreated their product line making the dog food products even better in 2010.  They now can be found containing a lower glycemic index which is great news for canines with diabetes.  They additionally contain more meat in each bite and some from game birds as well.

#3  Acana Dog Food:

This is a chain that was created by Champion Pet Foods, making a product line that is high in protein that all dogs require and low in carbohydrates.  They use a marketing campaign that shows they are formulating a brand that is made with all of the freshest ingredients.  Them Government of Canada has even certified this line, meaning it has surpassed international testing as far as dog foods can be tested.

#4 Kirkland Dog Food:

This brand may not strike the average dog food consumer as a worthy name, however with what you are getting for the price it can be a great product.  It is generally sold through Costco stores around the globe and you can buy it in huge quantities for very little cost.  They sell bags of dry dog food usually in lamb or chicken varieties that do not generally contain the corn or wheat as big contributors to their ingredients making it a good source of food for canines.

#5 Merrick Dog Food:

This choice focuses on creating dog food choices that are considered ‘comfort for the soul’.  A family run company, they pride themselves in formulating a line of products that does not contain loads of preservatives or additives.  They have six various creations all manufactured to meet the AAFCO standards.  This brand has foods with high quality in mind and for that, this choice will cost a tad more than the average dog food options.

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