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How to Choose A Dog That's Right ForYou




The_Right_Dog.jpgWhen deciding to adopt a dog, the most important thing is choosing the breed. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and choosing the most compatible one for you is key in beginning the relationship.
The first thing you want to take into account is your family. Will this dog be interacting with small children? Arethere other animals in the home? Are you and/or your loved ones strong enough to handle and train a larger breed ofdog? After deciding who else your choice will be effecting, the next step is choosing a size that you want.
This choice is strictly preference. Lap dogs are a great choice if you are just looking for a dog to provide somecompany, if your home or apartment is small, or maybe if you want a companion that would be easy to travel with. Alapdog would fulfill all three of these. Also, if you have children, lapdogs are perfect because of their tinysize. They’re not very intimidating and would most likely not cause a lot of harm to a small child. Not to mention,they’re also absolutely adorable!
Another route to take would be choosing a larger dog. People choose larger dogs for many reasons, includingprotection, exercise or just personal preference. Large dogs tend to be more intimidating and can be used as a“guard dog” if trained appropriately. If you’re a runner, bigger dogs will most likely be the only type of breedsthat will be able to keep up if you enjoy long distance. Smaller dogs typically do not have the stamina. If youdecide to opt for a larger sized dog, make sure your home is of adequate size for the dog to have mobility. Manydog-lovers don’t find it fair to keep larger dogs cooped up in small apartments without the space to run. If youhave a big back yard, or live on large amounts of land, a bigger dog would be a great option for you. Again, itultimately boils down to personal preference when it comes to size.
Long-haired versus short-haired dogs is another qualifying factor when determining how to choose your new best bud.If you are not concerned with long-haired dogs shedding on furniture, beds, clothing, etc., then you may not bedeterred from a long-haired pup for any of those reasons. If that does sound concerning to you, then you may wantto opt for something with short hair or buy a really strong vacuum!
Lastly, another thing to ponder is if breed is really all that important to you at all. There are a plethora ofdogs out there in need of being rescued, whether it be from your local pound, humane society, or even ex-race dogs.When opting for a rescue-dog, you’re main concern is bringing in the canine in to experience a better life;regardless of his shape, size or breed. These dogs are said to be the sweetest, most loving and most appreciativeof pets.

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