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Should Dogs Be FashionForward?




As you may have noticed, currently there is a huge trend surfacing in the canineworld regarding famous celebrities and their furry friends. Many of them are obtaining dogs, especially small onesto tote around with them while they travel all year long. While this is great for dogs that needed good homes, thecelebrities are starting a new trend in fashion by what they choose to put on their dogs as far as apparel,leashes, collars, and even hats.

Sure this type of puppy fashion is adorable, but how does the dog feel about it?Have you ever crossed a dog wearing an argyle sweater in the summer? Or a big dog with a silly hat on? Looks kindof strange in some ways doesn’t it? Well, first you may want to take into consideration what you are choosing foryour dog to wear before you put it on them and walk out the door. For example, if it is relatively warm out youmust stay away from putting clothing on the dog as it will only annoy them. Remember that while you are cruisingaround town in your tanks and shorts all summer long, they are wearing a heavy fur coat and can easily becomeoverheated. Take plenty of water with you for your dog while traveling and always keep minimal apparel items onthem in the spring and summer months. For the colder months it may be a good idea to put a hat, sweater or wraparound your dog while you are walking them through any snow or icy conditions to ensure they are staying warm andnot becoming susceptible to any illnesses.

As far as the collars and necklaces many place around their dogs necks, while theymay appear fashion forward, you need to ensure they fit properly and that they are not a nuisance to your dog. Manycollars that are designer ones are made with itchy fabrics and some even have gems such as diamonds or rhinestoneson them as well. Certainly it looks cute, but it can be very irritating to your dog. Also, if you are attaching aleash to some of the collars they are made more for style and not for walking. This means that some of those priceycollars can pull apart when you attach a leash to it and break giving you the risk of losing your dog when theybecome free from the leash. While some collars are just for fashion, it is always a great idea to have your dogwearing one. It can clearly state where the dog lives to return it to its rightful owner should it ever escape. Itcan also help identify any illnesses the dog has much like a human wearing a medical bracelet.

The small carry on bags that are becoming very popular for dogs to be toted aroundin are also adorable and a great way to keep your dog clean and safe. The only issue with these contraptions isthat many times the owner does not buy a carry on that is big enough for the dog and the dog ends up being ratheruncomfortable in it. Always buy things for your dog that are comfortable for them to wear before you concernyourself with any fashion statements, after all they are dogs!


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