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Polish Lowland Sheepdog Information



Polish Lowland Sheepdog Facts

Size  Medium
Male Max Weight  30-35 lb
Female Max Weight  30-35 lb
Life Span  10-14 years
Energy Level 8
Ease of Training 8
Grooming 8


Exercise Requirements




Affection Level


Good With Dogs


Good With Pets


Good With Strangers

Watchdog Ability

Protection Ability


Cold Tolerance


Heat Tolerance

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Temperament

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog comes from a family of herding and livestock canines. It can be selfish or territorial at times, but it otherwise a very sweet dog. They enjoy barking and can be a showman when they feel like it. While their appearance can be playful and fun looking, they are rather serious animals with a independent nature. They can grasp rules quickly, but may not desire to follow them accordingly. They enjoy playing with most little ones, but can be very defensive if they encounter a situation with another canine. They bode a lot of energy and are fairly easy to train as pups. This breed makes excellent watchdogs and they can also provide some level of protection if necessary. 

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Upkeep

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is one that enjoys having a function in their family's lives other than just being a reliable and cuddly dog. They have so much energy to expend during the day that they can be very useful if living on a farm or being used to accompany their owner’s during the day to work. They require a decent amount of activity both mentally and physically. They can reside in colder temperatures with ease, and can tolerate warm ones for the most part. They have a signature long furry coat that will need to be groomed a few times per week. This breed will adore having an environment where they have the luxury of residing inside with their families, and still be able to play and roam outside freely.     

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Health Concerns

One wonderful treat when being the proud owner of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog is that they do not generally suffer from any major health issues like most canines do. On occasion the vet may recommend some basic screening tests for their hips and eyesight. They handle cold climates well, but should be monitored when residing in much warmer or hot ones. They typically live a healthy lifespan of ten to fourteen years long. The average weight is between thirty and thirty five pounds as full grown dogs.     

Polish Lowland Sheepdog History

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is more commonly referred to as the "PON" breed. They derived sometime way back in the ancient times era, most likely from a Tibetan breed in the Asian community according to experts. They were a breed that was familiar with being great protectors for herding and to ward off any larger animals. They were large enough to aide in herding sheep, but small enough in size to mingle along with the sheep and not appear  threatening to the animals. Shortly after WWI  residents of Poland were very interested in breeding these dogs and they also began using them as show dogs as well. These dogs became so popular an American Poliski Owczarek Nizinny Club was founded in the late 1980’s. It wasn’t until 2001 that they were recognized by the AKC with their American version of their name. They are still today known as one of the more popular breeds within the dog show community.   

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